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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any limits on how long a member's first or last name can be?
A. The first name field will accept 20 characters and the last name field will accept 25 characters.

Q. I used 'Search For Member' to enter the last name of a member who is currently enrolled. Why did I receive an "unable to locate" message?
A. If you get an "unable to locate" message, it's possible we have the name spelled differently. The last name field in the Search feature is now "wildcard enabled", which means you can enter at least two characters and then an asterisk (*) to find a member. For example, to search for Smith, enter sm*. This will return all members whose last name begins with Sm (Smith, Smart, Smackleberry, etc.).

Q. What is the "subscriber reporting" field and what is it used for?
A. This field was formerly called "storeloc" and is used by groups who want Delta Dental to report information on members in a format other than by sublocation.

Q. Can I enter different last names for dependents?
A. Yes. On the Dependent Add or Change screen the last name field is available for dependents with different last names.

Q. I administer a DeltaCare plan. What transactions can I perform?
A. You can add and terminate members. For new members, use the Add Member transactions. To terminate a member, use the Search feature to locate the member and then terminate. 

Q. What is the retro limit for transactions?
A. The retro limit is 90 days from the current date.

Q. How far into the future can I do a transaction?
A. The effective date of any transaction can be 60 days into the future from the current date.

Q. How far back can I view completed transactions?
A. The View Log will allow you to view completed transactions for the past 18 months.

Q. What information do you need for dependents attending college?
A. Once you have verified that the child has met the qualifications as a full time student, you have the ability to code the child as a full time student when you enroll him or her, or go through the 'Change Member' option and update the student information.

Q. Can I print a confirmation page of what was entered?
A. There are several ways you can print the information you have entered:

Q. Why does my password expire after 90 days?
A. As part of our efforts to enhance the privacy and security of the data we maintain for our clients, all passwords expire after 90 days and new ones need to be created by the user.

Q. How do I add or update dependent information?
A. To add a dependent or change information on a dependent already in the system, locate the member by using the Search feature, and then use the 'Change' transaction. Existing dependents are listed at the bottom of the page. There is also an option to add dependents should you need to add a new dependent to the existing list.