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Delta Dental Individual Dental Plans - FAQs

Is a Delta Dental plan the right fit for you?

If you're a New Jersey resident who is at least 18 years of age and can answer "YES" to any of the questions below, we're confident you'll find the coverage protection you want from one of our four programs.

If you are not a resident of New Jersey, visit our Individual Dental Coverage Locator to help you find individual Delta Dental coverage available in your area.

What is the cost of these plans?

For the Classic, Enhanced, and Clear Plans, you can obtain a free quote by visiting Simply enter your zip code and certain basic information. There is no obligation. You can also call 888-899-3736 and a representative can help you. You can enroll on the website or on the phone if one of these plans meets you needs. Click here for Delta Dental Patient Direct® or call 877-TOOTH-07.

Do these plans cover all dental services?

These plans provide a broad array of dental services, but like any policy, there are certain exclusions and limitations as well as amounts you must pay out of pocket. You can obtain information on the specific and general exclusions, limitations** and other policy provisions at or by calling 888-899-3736 and speaking to a representative. Click here for Delta Dental Patient Direct or call 877-TOOTH-07.

Can I see my own dentist?

For the Classic and Enhanced Plans, you can use any dentist in our Delta Dental Premier® or Delta Dental PPOSM networks. You can also use a non-participating dentist, but you will likely have more out-of-pocket expense if you do so. For the Clear Plan, you can use any dentist in our Delta Dental Premier or Delta Dental PPO networks, but there is no coverage for services rendered by non-participating dentists, except in the case of an emergency. Delta Dental has a large network of participating dentists in New Jersey and nationwide, so there is a good chance that your dentist is in the network. You can obtain a list of participating dentists from or by calling 888-899-3736. For Delta Dental Patient Direct, you must see a dentist participating in this program. You can obtain a list of participating dentists from our Find a Dentist portal. Make sure you select "Delta Dental Patient Direct" as the network.

How do I enroll?

For our Classic, Enhanced, and Clear Plans, simply go to or call 888-899-3736.
Click here for Delta Dental Patient Direct or call 877-TOOTH-07.

I am already enrolled in one of your individual plans. How do I obtain benefit and claim information?

If you are enrolled in the Classic, Enhanced, or Clear Plan, call customer service for these programs at (855) 335-8275, or visit When you enrolled, you should have registered with a user name and password, so you can obtain on-line information. If you do not have a password or aren’t sure, simply call the customer service center, and they can help you. For Delta Dental Delta Dental Patient Direct, you will pay the dentist his/her discounted fee directly. There are no claim forms.

*Important Information About Benefit Waiting Periods

A "Benefit Waiting Period" means the total amount of time that must go by after the coverage effective date before a benefit will be payable under this policy for a covered service. For certain services, there may be a 6-month or 12-month benefit waiting period. (See information about the specific plans at for details.) Benefit waiting periods may be waived if You and Your Dependents were covered for 12 months in a row under another dental insurance policy and enrolled under this policy within 63 days from the date that prior coverage ended. Enrollment in a discount program does not qualify as dental insurance for waiver of a Benefit Waiting Period. Benefit waiting periods must be satisfied if there has been a lapse in coverage or for new members who are added to this policy.

**Important Information about Exclusions and Limitations

All of the policies referenced on this website include general and specific exclusions and limitations. This means that certain dental services are not covered under the policy. Also, coverage for certain covered dental services are subject to conditions and other limitations, such as the number of times they may be covered in a given time period. You should obtain these exclusions and limitations and review them prior to enrollment. They are available during the quoting process at


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